Error trying to install Comodo Dragon

I tried to install comodo dragon and I can’t. Keep getting error: comodo\wow_helper.exe. Why is this happening. I love comodo internet security premium and want to use the dragon browser as well. Help please! ???

Hi Lisa64,

Welcome to the forums!
It seems there are more users having issues with this during the usage of Chrome.

Do you have Comodo Memory Firewall running by any chance? or have CIS installed?

Yes, I have Comodo Internet security Premium.

I’m currently using Firefox 9

Can you try the following, go to Defense+ → Settings → Execution Control Settings → Detect shellcode injections → Exclusions.
And add the installer to it, see if that helps.

I tried that and I still get the error.

Okay then there is one attempt left

Can you try to set Defense+, Defense+ Settings, Deactivate the Defense+ permanently, Reboot.
To see if that brings a solution?

Dang! I tried that and still the same error. I am able to use the portable version but that’s it.

Well the ultimate test to see if CIS is causing the conflict is to export your current configuration, uninstall CIS and see if it works then.
If that still doesn’t work it’s not CIS’s fault… then there must be something else causing this.

Please remember to reverse the changes done (exclusion + defense+ disabled permanent).

Hi Lisa,
At what step during install does the error occur?

Without Dragon installed do you have the following folder from a failed install?
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon
If yes does it contain the wow_helper.exe file?

It happens when it’s installing, Yes it does contain wow_helper.exe file

Hi Lisa,
With no installation of Dragon I would try deleting or renaming to old the following two folders if they exist on your machine before proceeding with a new install.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon

will give that a try. Thanks

Had both and deleted them and it still happens

Maybe try downloading the installer again in case of any corruption in the installer file.
Download location here.
If previous versions have worked maybe try updating from an older version.
Older versions can be found here.

If all that Ronny and I have suggested fails you might like to consider submitting a bug report here.
If you proceed to submit a bug report please follow the guidelines found here to assist in the issue being fixed.
Sorry we didn’t find a solution and all the best to you.

Thanks, I installed and older version and then was able to update to newer version. Thanks for your help! :-TU

Hi Lisa,
Sorry you had used a lot of time on this, but glad to hear that you are up and going now.
All the best.

Thanks you guys are great!