error to compressing some files to send to comodo

when a send some files/programs to comodo, win xp show me a message: “error to compress this file”. What its mean? I use winrar only. Is the own firewall that compressed the files or it uses winrar to do? Thak you all. I am new here. Comodo is super. (:CLP)

Hi and welcome to the forum! (:WAV)

First of all, it depends what file you are trying to compress. The firewall does not compress files for you so using winrar is correct. I may add that you can try using the windows built in file compression utility as well. Or download Winzip free version if need be. Please let me know what file you are trying to compress.


Well, the files that cause error to compress are: msn.msg.exe; system mecanic6, and others that i could not get yet. Thank you for help. Congratulation. (B)