Error submitting files to Comodo

Hey guys,

Bit of a weird one here I’m afraid. Whenever I try to submit files to comodo I’m getting a “File not found” error, despite the fact that the files are quite clearly at the path listed in comodo. I’ll attach a screenshot for clarity.

The rest of comodo seems to function fine, but would appreciate some help fixing this minor annoyance.

Thanks in advance!

Hello! It’s a ‘known issue’ so it’s not just you. We are waiting for the fix. Any info on this yet anyone? 88)

When will fix this error?, because in this week it was appeared new program version 6.3.300670.2970 of Comodo Internet Security.

The issue is still alive.
Submitting a file is not possible.
Win7 x64
Comodo Internet Security version: 6.3.302093.2976

It’s now fixed.