Error "submission failed due to internet connection problem "

i get

submission failed due to internet connection problem the computer disconnected from the network

can some1 help? it seems that i am trying to upload a big installers (3DMark06 & PCMark Vantage) that i just installed. i think the files are too big to upload? i think this is why my laptop is so lag too…

Why are you submitting files that are good. I have those files on my pc. If Comodo AV found those to be bad then its a false positive.

it seems its done automatically? i didn’t change any settings… or how can i correct this? to not submit files like this? i noticed that every exe i run is being submitted… and this lags my network

Go to Miscellaneous\Settings. Uner the update tab untick automatically perform online look up for unrecognized files.