Error problem need assistance

Hey guys i read another post about this but still unsure what to do… I would love some assistance please… Ofcourse i get the error message Error “Your computer might be at risk. Comodo Firewall Pro is turned off” when indeed it is on and running with the two processes, “cmdagent.exe” and “cpf.exe”… But everytime i load up with windows firewall off it displays this message, I don’t feel very safe using this although i do know comodo’s firewall is the best out there… I Thank you in advance and would greatly appreciate some assistance as I’m excited to be able to use comodo’s product.

I also checked this part of the post by Soya to do these steps.

“Start > Run > type services.msc > Ensure Comodo Application Agent is in auto mode and on
Start > Run > type devmgmt.msc > View menu > enable Show hidden devices option > Ensure both Comodo engines are enabled (i.e. no red x or yellow ! next to them) or open their properties to check for problems”

Indeed comodo application agent is started and on automatic, and there is no red x or yellow next to it in devmgmt.msc and i clicked properties and they say they are working, i just uninstalled it and reinstalled it in safe mode but i still get the same problem
PS(this error message occurs sometimes, and sometimes it works fine without no error message popping up)

I thank you in advance for your great assistance


There are responses in your other post(s) (now merged into one) regarding this.

I think maybe you’ve read those because you reference the exact things to check to verify that the firewall is running.

In essence, you have stated that Comodo FW is running, but you are concerned because sometimes Windows Security Center (WSC) says it is not.

Have you tried rebuilding the repository, as suggested in the other thread? That may resolve the issue.

Please be aware that it’s not an issue of Comodo; it’s an issue of WSC not working properly. This is not uncommon; lots of users have issues with WSC, and many simply disable it completely. It does not do anything the user cannot verify for themselves. WSC monitors: Is there an AV? Is there a FW? Is Windows Updates turned On? It is quite easy for a user to check these and save resources from the WSC Service constantly running; then they don’t have to deal with any confusion over false alerts from WSC.

If you still question whether CFP is working, just throw something at it… Install a new application, or upgrade one. Change a component. Or just remove your browser or email client from the Application Monitor, and reboot. Run one of the Leaktests, visit an online portscanning site like GRC or PCFlank.

Hope that helps,