Error: Please finish the SafeRegistry process in order to start CRC

I installed Comodo System Cleaner on my Win 7 computer. I had it scan the registry and fix the problems. It says it has finished. When I try to restart it again later, it starts up, but when I choose to scan the registry again, I get the error in the subject line above. Nothing seems to allow me to proceed. What do I do about it? Thanks.

This is probably not the ultimate answer but I found the same problem on Windows 7 but I think it was due to my own fault of teminating the program prematurely (power loss). You are correct that there is no obvious fix for this.

What I had to do was uninstall Comodo and then go into the registry and delete every occurrence of Comodo in all the hives. I suggest backing up the registry first. Then re-install Comodo and you should be good to go.

Thanks for the reply. It is working now. Apparently you have to reboot the computer in order to do a second scan. I had to reboot it twice before it would work, though. I guess that is what it meant by 'finishing the process!". I’ve never had a scanner like that require me to reboot before. I will have to think more on whether I want to keep this software. Thanks again.