Error number: 701


Just recently, I re-installed my laptop at work and I am now getting the following error message when trying to update manually:-

“Error number: 701
Unable to contact the server. Please try again later.”

To be honest, I can’t remember whether I made any changes before (such a long time ago) but now I am unable to update. I’m currently using the default settings and IE (IE7) is setup to use a proxy.js file (which includes IP address, etc). Am I doing the right thing (using IE’s settings) or do I need to enter the info into CAVS manually.

Just thought I would ask here first before tinkering.


Update to above :). I have now tried every possible way of connecting out to the internet but still no joy when updating? (same error). Any news when CAVS3 may be available?


Unfortunately Graham, no there is not. (:SAD)