error msg: "unable to load browser plugin"

CD version 21.2, also Chrome versions 19 to 22; when attempting to download a file from a website an error message appears in a bar across the top of the page stating “unable to load browser plugin”. Nothing else. No option to fix or replace or “run anyway” such as I have seen at other times, and worst of all not one single clue as to what plugin is at fault. How on earth am I to fix some thing like this if I’m not told which plugin is failing to load? My first step was to go to “about:plugins” and see if anything on the list was disabled. All plugins listed are enabled. If anyone has a clue what plugin the error message is referring to I hope you will please post a solution. I have never had this problem before, it began approximately four days ago, but I can’t think of anything I might have done except that I disabled Flash awhile back because of the information going around that there was a security issue with flash. When I heard that it was fixed I downloaded a new version and it is running now and, as I said, all installed plugins are enabled and working. Is there one I don’t know about that I should have? ??? >:( :frowning:

Hi and welcome ronc2vn,
You could try disabling all plugins to see if the error still shows.
If it does not show, enable one at a time until you find the culprit.

Unless for personal reasons and if it is a safe legit site could you please post the file name/URL?

Captainsticks: Original poster here: I’ve disabled and re-enabled all the plugins in my browsers’ lists (both Chrome and Dragon), but no change in the “unable to load…” behavior. I really wish the error message would give at least a HINT as to which plugin is unable to load. I have an idea it’s related to Flash in some way, and while trying to solve this issue I’ve updated all of the Flash products I normally have installed, but still no joy.

I can’t give you a specific page or application involved because the error happens with anything I want to download. I regularly get software from Cnet and FileHippo, and until recently have never had a problem downloading. When I click the “download” button, inCnet, for example, the error message appears in a bar across the top of the page, and I can proceed no further.

HOWEVER: if I copy/paste the download url into a downloader app (I use Orbit Downloader) the download proceeds without a hitch. So I’m not totally unable to download things, it’s just that this “unable to load browser plugin” issue bothers me because something that SHOULD work ISN’T working, and a simple task now requires a couple of extra steps to accomplish.

Hi ronc2vn,
Does Orbit Downloader have some form of integration/plugin with Chrome/CD or browser monitoring settings?
If yes, can you temporary disable the integration and try again.
Sorry I am not familiar with the way in which Orbit Downloader works as I have never used it.