Error Messages

Everybody share your error message pictures here. All operating systems accepted. Please post only your own pictures. If you do not have a picture, post text. If you want, post a story. Please comment on others’ submissions.
:slight_smile: Here I have a few:
And I have a few stories:

There I was, playing a game. It stopped working, so I decided to eject the CD and look for scratches. I pressed Eject and a message came up:
“The Finder needs your attention.”
At the time, I was new to Macs, so I thought to myself:
“What the h**l is the Finder?”
I closed the game, and there it said:
“Could not complete the operation because an error of type -110 occurred.”
“What the f**k?”
I rebooted and tried again. It ejected the disk.
The disk wasn’t scratched.


I booted my laptop (Win2K), opened AbiWord, typed “BOO,” it typed “YXQ” and BSODd “XMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED.”

I was copying some files to a USB thumb drive from a DVD on my Win2K laptop when the USB thumb drive accidentally got unplugged. On the screen, it said: “Please insert a disk into drive F:.” I plugged it back in and it BSODd.

I was playing some music on my WinXP box when it needed to do a Windows Update. I installed the update, rebooted, and it BSODd:
"*** STOP c0021a {Fatal System Error}
"(0x00000000, 0x00000000)
“The Windows Logon Process terminated unexpectedly. The system has been shut down.”
It wouldn’t even boot into Safe Mode. I kept trying Safe Mode, Normal mode, Safe Mode over and over again and gave up.
After I had formatted the hard drive, I went in to check the RAM. The RAM was fine, but I could see that it had a bad case of capacitor plague.

I tried to use HyperCam to film DreamScene on my Vista Ultimate machine. BSOD.

I clicked on a link in IE on my Vista Ultimate machine. It BSODd “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.”

I opened the case of my Vista Ultimate machine to check the fan (while it was on). When I opened the case, the screen went black. About 5 minutes later, it BSODd.

This one is just weird. An old Win2K machine I built in 2003 and gave to someone was recently reported as “having problems.” I took it back and it booted up fine. Over and over again. Then the usual light blue color came up, with NO CURSOR. Again. Then, on bootup, it BSODd. Over and over and over again. The strange part is that every BSOD said something different. I am 100% positive it wasn’t a screensaver. Then it booted up fine.


I only got BSoD’s mostly, so it’s hard for me to get pictures with Window’s Print Screen feature :wink:


I love the one that says “Kill_Windows_Vienna”.
I suppose Google uses FreeBSD or Linux Redhat then?

I haven’t generated any noteworthy errors “for at least 120 days” :P, but I have moved the error site - and atted ~70 new errors:

Well, at least it’s not as bad as this one (:TNG).

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:slight_smile: is that a real warning or you just made it up ???

Why don’t you try clicking on that link and find out

what link? ??? i mean the error message screenshot you attached


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Error from VirtualBox, attached.

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Here’s a new one. ;D

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One from Dreamwever 8:

I tried to open a file on my USB Stick without it being plugged in. (Via the recent files menu).

Personally I don’t agree with what its telling me what about you?

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When I Attempt To Empty The XP Recycle Bin I Got the Following Error: “Are you sure you want to delete ‘WINDOWS’?”.

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Ah, that one is strange. :slight_smile:

:-* :a0 >:-D :’( ;D

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That’s funny. :slight_smile:

Here is another one I found in a custom application. Looks like a very frustrated developer has forgotten to remove from his code.


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LOL! :slight_smile:


How did you get to trigger that!?