Error Message

After installing the Comodo Firewall, I regularly get the following message when web browsing.

“The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading”

The problem is definitely related to the installation because when I uninstall the firewall and reinstall my previous firewall the messages cease.

Is this a known problem?

Could you please include some more information?
OS and other security programs running at the time of installation.

Also, did you install it in another way the second time?


Windows XP

Windows firewall switched off
AVG Anti-Spyware running
Avast Anti-Virus running

Previous firewall Sygate
Deleted before installing comodo
Deleted comodo before reinstalling sygate. (I realise sygate is no longer supported

I tried comodo about six months ago and I now seem to remember I gave up with it for the same reason.
I never get the message when running the sygate firewall.

castro, which browser are you using?

I am using Firefox.
When I previously had the same problem I installed comodo firewall on my laptop.
This time I am using my PC.

Would you mind trying the same experiment with a different browser, as I know Fx does suffer with this problem and unfortunately it’s not platform specific, I.E. it happens on Linux too.