Error Message: "Update Failed. Antivirus engine is not initialized!" HELP!

when I try to run a scan on Comodo Antivirus it states “Update Failed. Antivirus engine is not initialized!”. I have a Vista Home Premuim 32-bit, I have tried un-installing and re-installing comodo anti-virus and i still can get the same error. So when I run the diagnostics in the miscellaneous section, it states that there is a problem with my installation but that “the diagnostic utility cannot fix the problems” - asks me to create a report, and then doesn’t even save it! PLEASE ASSIST - thanks so much.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

My Comodo Firewall and Defense seem to work fine - it’s just the antivirus that I get this error.

If anybody knows how to fix this problem please help!

you need to uninstall, restart, use this batch file and restart again. Then reinstall.