Error Message [RESOLVED]

I have 2 external 500GB hard drives andI have just installed Comodo Backup to create a security copy of my digital photos on the second one.

I have it in sychronise mode, with a 15 second delay for copying. I though all was well, but during each copy, I see the message, “Cannot accss folder G:\System Volume Information - skipped” Then comes the number of files compared and copied. Then, "Error - Backup “photos_1”

(G is the HD with the originals and E is the other one, which I have called photos_1_copy.

It appears that everything’s copying, so I’m wondering if this is important. I don’t want to find out later that there are errors, of course.

Any help appreciated.

Hi andrewgg

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System Volume information is a folder that windows blocks from any access and it contains all the Restore points that you have on your machine. There is a way to open it but it is quite involved and I haven’t bothered. Backup will not be able to access it or copy it. You will need an imaging software like Paragon or Acronis to backup this folder.

I think you will be ok. You can get Backup to skip this folder when you set the backup options.


Thanks for the welcome and for the help, John.

Well, if it’s for sure that that’s the only problem, then I’m satisfied.

You mention skipping the folder – which I would like to do, then, but I can’t find the option for that, unless what you mean is to check the box for it not to display “Extended Error Reporting”. Would you be able to confirn this for me, or, if this is not it, tell me how to find it?

I do have a couple of other questions…

Firstly, I’ve found that When I restart my laptop, Comodo BackUp does not start up automatically. and I do not see any option to get it to do so. What this means is that if I forget to open it manually, and go ahead and make some file changes, I have to reset Comodo to Simple Backup (instead of leaving it on "Syncronizati)on, or the files don’t get copied. I there a way to get it to always open on restarting?

The other thing is that although I’m only using Comodo BackUP on one laptop at the moment with these two 500GB external drives, I may want to simply plug the two HDs into another laptop or pc in the house and work on photos there some time.

In this case, I was wondering if it would be better to reinstall Comodo BackUp on the principal HD (photos_1) and have it run from there. The other option would be to install it on each of the other pcs, but I see a location is given for the temporary files, and was thinking that with Comodo installed on one of the external HDs, it would always be able to find those files as the location wouldn’t change. (I don’t know if this is an important issue.)

Thanks again,

Hi andrewgg

When you are editing your Backup settings and click on the Source/add items/add folder, you will see an exclude folders button. Here you can put the System Volume Information folder, and any other system folder that you run across that Backup refuses to backup.

Comodo Backup starts as a service, meaning you will not see the backup interface when you boot up. To make sure that it is running check to see that the service is running and on automatic. Start → Run → type in services.msc and click ok. In the list there you should have “ComodoBackupService”. Then on your edit page of your backup you should have service backup as backup type. Backup should then automatically run when your schedule is set. You do not need the interface running, it runs silently in the background.

You can backup across a LAN as long as you have set the file sharing permissions to access the files. You could have backup on any or all computers and backup back and forth between them and/or your external drives. It is very versatile this way. I haven’t tried Backup setup on an external drive but don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If you try that let us know how it works

Hope this helps you a bit (:LGH)


Thanks once again for replying, John.

I’ve now been able to exclude that folder but it still shows up in the log as an error. When I go back and check the ooptions it’s still listed to be excluded. The only reason I don’t like this error signal is because if there was a real error in the future, I might not notice it. Would there be any other reason why this is still happening, then?

You’re right that Comodo BackUp shows up as running on the services list, so I guess I was wrong on that one. I’ll keep an eye on it…

I will let you know what happens if I get round to trying to do the install on the external drive.


Well… I thought I’d excluded that folder, but I guess I hadn’t because I’ve just gone through the process again and now I get the message that the backup has been successful. Sorry for the trouble. If Comodo Backup keeps working like it is now, then it’s fantastic.

Sorry also for posting initially in the wrong place.


Glad you got it working andrewgg

I will mark this thread as resolved. If you need to re-open it PM me or another Mod and we will be happy to do so.