error message on acces Scanner

My on ecces scanner is OFF, when I want to switch it on I get an error message; see attached file…

Does someone know what to do?


Hi abartels, welcome to the forums.

You will need to have another go at attaching the file with the error message in, it didn’t seem to make it the first time.

Also please confirm which version of CAVS you are running & which OS you have. Thanks.

(:NRD) Ahum I hope that this time it will happen…

I have also tried to copy and paste the picture but…well what can I say…I am not that smart…

I am running win XP and version

[attachment deleted by admin]

I did a search on the forums for that error… unfortunately, 2 went unanswered (worrying) & one raised 2 support tickets, but didn’t post any feedback on the resolution (doh!). But, I also found this topic, What do you think?

(:CLP) thank you,… I went trough these steps; Step 1
Uninstalled SpywareGuard, ran CCLeaner to clean out the registry residue, rebooted, deleted the HD residue manually, ran CCleaner one more time for good measure… and … it is working now…

Many thanks

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help.