Error message - Comodo Firewall won't load at bootup [RESOLVED]


My Comodo Firewall seems to suddenly have stopped working for some reason. The version I have installed is the 32bit for windows xp version

When I boot up the computer I get this message:

ERROR: Could not load C:\ProgramFiles\Comodo\Firewall\cfpres.dll Please check if application folder has this file. Aborting application.

I’ve no idea how to check the application folder so I tried to remove Comodo completely in order to reinstall it.

Then, I got the same message as before.

I also tried to install another Comodo Firewall again but it wouldn’t let me since I already had it installed.

My question is how do I uninstall this thing so try a clean, new reinstall or is there some easier way to fix the Error above?

Take a look at the firewall/repair folder for a cfpres.dll and move a copy to the main firewall folder.

And how would I do that?

Navigate through your HD to the location of the comodo program. For me it’s C:\Program Files\COMODO

Open COMODO, and you’ll see a folder called firewall. Similarly go into that.

From there you’ll see a bunch of things, what we’re looking for is the repair folder. Double click on that and look for a file called cfpres.dll. Copy that file and then go back to the firewall folder and paste it there.

Program files->comodo->firewall->repair->firewall

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Oh wow that was easy peasy! That message has been bugging me for days now. Thank you so much!! 88)

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