Error Message "Application is running. Please close CD and try again" [Solved]

Hello, I am attempting to re-install Dragon and I am getting the error message “Application is running. Please close Comodo Dragon and try again.” I uninstalled Dragon but I’m getting this error for some reason. Anybody know how I can fix it and get Dragon installed again?

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Hi and welcome BruinBro,
Have you renamed the installer file?
If the installer is renamed from ‘DragonSetup.exe’ to ‘Dragon.exe’, this will occur.

If no to above, have you tried rebooting the system?
Also check the process list in Windows Task Manager for any Dragon.exe processes.

If the issue is still present try a new download of the installer, in case of corruption.
Comodo Dragon ver 33.1 is now available for download

Kind regards.

Ah, OK…Yes, I did rename it…That was it, Thanks alot.

You are welcome.
Good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU

How did you uninstall Comodo Dragon? I need to uninstall it and no one on this board will help me. I would really appreciate it.