Error Installing SSL Certificate

I got certification-bundle zip file from Comodo.

It contains following files.

  • domain.crt
  • domain.key
  • domain.csr
  • domain.bundle
  • domain.pkcs12

It does not contain following files.

  • EntrustSecureServerCA.crt
  • AAACertificateServices_2.crt

I tried to import site certificate into keystore using following command with proper domain name.

keytool -import -trustcacerts -file domain.crt -keystore domain.key

but I got following error message.

keytool error: Invalid keystore format

How to solve this problem and properly install ssl certification?
What is included in domain.pkcs12 file?



Comodo would not have provided the below files as we do not have access to nor would we send you the domain.key or domain.csr .

I would recommend contacting the support desk ( ) and requesting that they send on the certificate files to you again and insure that this is being order for java based server and that the files that are being sent will work for this platform.