Error in trying out Free Email certiicate

Can anyone from the group help me with this need please?
While I was impressed by the claims made by this organization about its security level (2K bit encryption and all that), I have been totally unsuccessful in even trying out what it is and how it works.

I have registered myself as an authentic member with my credentials (both for the so-called site, and also the forums that I am trying to garner information from…), but to my horror neither seem to work. When I log in with my credentials to redo the process of getting the Free Email certificate, I am thrown a message that I have already been sent one, but I DO NOT find any. If I try again, well…you know what happens…I am stuck up in this vicious circle and never coming out with a solution. I am attaching a snapshot of what happens when I try…(This is not just specific to Google Chrome as the browser, but IE also comes up with it own set of errors that is totally unintelligible. I tried to call support, write to support, but nothing seems to work).

I would greatly appreciate if someone from the group can help me what I am missing in the whole bargain and help me achieve my simple objective - to send a secure mail to a recipient. If that works, I will try convincing my company (if need be) to invest in a good certificate that can help realize our goals with our intended clients…

Any help from experienced users in this arena would be a great boon.

Thanks in advance,

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