error in event viewer ?

since i installed the new comodo i get 2 errors in my event viewer it seems to happen at startup :slight_smile: event id:7009 timeout [30000 millseconds] waiting for application layer gatway service service to connect :slight_smile: then event id:7000 the application layer gatway service failed to start due to the following error the service did not respond to the start or control requst in a timely fashon :slight_smile: thanks

Do you have the option โ€œBlock all outgoing connections while bootingโ€ turned on?

Disable the Application Layer Gateway Service. It only needed if you use ICS or WF:

Provides support for 3rd party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing and the Windows Firewall.

thanks bubu74 i doinโ€™t have block all outgoing connections while booting checked and djet way disable alg it worked before this version :slight_smile: also on restart it would stop and i could not get out of it i tryed the on/off butten nothing so i had to pull the plug out of the pc that has happend 2 times :slight_smile: so i have tryed to uninstalled and clean with ccleaner found all comodo files and delete them :slight_smile: then i reinstalled it and i did not scan for known applications just let ask :slight_smile: so far so good after a few restarts :slight_smile: will let you all know thanks