error in comodo


i found new error in comodo free cis.

i think free cis having error while updating virus database.

i buy new laptop with windows 7 and also i have old pc with windows 7.

i installed free cis in both.

i switch on both in safe mode and pased bases.cav file to update database and then i restart them.when i again try update cis from “more”

i get error as inside screen shot i put here. this happens in both pc…

when this error comes then it stops my internet and stops other applications from work.when i click view message then my screen becomes blank with black.nothing happens. so i have to restart laptop pressing button

i uninstalled comodo from them.wat i do now?

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I recommend that you uninstall CIS. clean the registry that are left with CSC (comodo system cleaner) or with any other in its class and then reinstall it.

I hope this will help.


will this cleaning registry harms laptop?

will this stops that error?

i done registry cleaning and disk cleaner with comodo system cleaner.

i did not done backup of it.

is this ok?

does my pc will give error if i use registry cleaner

No, CSC won’t harm your laptop. it’s okey that you didn’t back it up. Registry cleaner won’t give you error (i have never experienced that atleast).


what about disk cleaner?

i also did not done back up while cleaning disk.

is there any way to put registry as default?

only by using restore point. You can use disk cleaner but CSC will do a better job.

Has the problem been solved?


i was installing 4.1 version.

i download new 5.0 and installed it. now it install good. no problem now. thank u

but i also used ccleaner before in my pc. now i only using csc.

my pc engineer say that registry clean software may harm to pc…

he said i may be have to re install os again if important reigistry i uninstall ccleaner.

i installed csc as u said yesterday. but i m not sure that csc is safe or not.

you seems a good pc engineer so u know better than me.i dont know more about softwares and about os.

i just hope that csc registry cleaner will not make any error in my laptop

compared to the other registry cleaners CSC uses safe deletion which means that CSC won’t delete important registries.

download this to tweak your Win7 Mz Ultimate Tools it will ask you to make a back up of your registry. if it doesn’t make a restore point.

if something goes wrong just let me know.


Your computer man is right that fiddling with registry, and registry cleaners, is something to do with care and caution. That doesn’t mean there are decent registry cleaning tools out there

CSC is a decent tool. Other free ones I like are Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, the registry cleaner of Glary Utilities free version and Little Registry Cleaner.

is there any way to reinstall deleted reigistry by csc?

for wat that software used?i not understand its use.

Has CSC deleted registry that is important?

If your computer works fine then you don’t need to worry about the deleted registries. When you uninstall something it can happen that the uninstall-ed program/application leaves registries that have no functions. These non-functional registries can be deleted.

mz7otipizer will disable services and processes that you don’t use/need. By disable-ling those your computer will have more cpu power for other processes that you’re using and your computer will be more responsive.


CSC should have saved a back up of the deleted keys. When that is not the case you can always use Windows System Restore to go back to before you cleaned with a registry cleaner.

that’s right :smiley: i forgot that csc does that.