error in cis

i updated my cis today and i got error msg from comodo

see screen shot.

why displayed that msg?

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A module of CIS has crashed. It could be either cfp.exe (which I assume it is) or cmdagent.exe.

Look in task manager and see which one is not running. When cfp.exe is missing simply click on the CIS shortcut on the desktop or in the start menu.

If cmdagent is missing go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → and start up the Comodo Internet Security Helper service.

i cant find task manager

where is task manager?

do i need to correct it or it will work if i dont do anything?

He means Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) :wink:


i just seen now

both are inside task manager cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe

i did not got any error before like that.

i only got this error today bcoz i updated cis today by clicking “more”

i think something is wrong in new updates.

i got 5 times that above error from when i updated comodo yesterday from “more” menu. i again got that error before 5 minutes ago.

wat i do?

i clicked on details to see its report.

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see my scren shot.

i have both of them in task manager

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