Error during update of comodo firewall


I use comodo firewall with D+…i get the error during the updatecannot find file specified…the version is…


Is it a bug from the comodo host update server…or a bug?Please help in fixing it???


I hope i have the latest version…Do i have the latest one??? PLease helppp!!! :cry:

Inline updates have been suspended and are expected to be continued later today

See also this post(s) here

alright! no i updated it and restarted again checked for updates and it again downloads and installs…it like a loop i install an update…check again and it again updates itself!..please help! :-\

alright! so it now seems to be updating correctly!..first downloads and then installs!lets wait untill it finishes ;D

Hurray! it updated and installed the latest version 5.8…working beautifully right now!..thanks a lot comodo guys!..awesome interface and pretty powerful! ;D :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: