Error during downloading program update

I have a problem with updating, it goes to 71% and i got error that file is incomplete.

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Cis dont download any thing for me…say something like wrong parameter…

Here’s screenshot :

Now it works 8)

Hey guys,

It should have been fixed now, please re-check and let us know.

Kind Regards

It works now.

Still happens here!
As far as I can see, the file “kioskthemewin8.theme” is downloaded only with 151 bytes, then it stops.

I’m in France, same problem for me till this morning, but not solved :frowning:
I’m a freelance, it’s a problem…
Ienclose the repot file.
Thanks if you have an idea and sorry for my english !

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Posted today:

I still have the problem when downloading updates for the CIS Free Internet Security. I’ll try a reinstall, but it still occurs, I’mma coming back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now it gives error with “download recognizers” (same error… 0x80030201)

Same here

Check for signature updates : Up to date
Check for websites database updates : Up to date
Check for recognizer updates : Error
Check for program updates : Error

Problem is still reproduces bleiben in gernany.

It’s OK for me (from France).
I just had to restart it.

Since the problem has fixed itself for the OP i will now move this to resolved. If anyone else is having this issue feel free to create a new bug report using the required format found here:;msg743135#msg743135