Error during backup


I have completed my first full backup using the schedule. I am now trying to run the backup for the second time. The method I am using is Simple Copy. On the second backup I tested by deleting a file from the backup location however doing so causes the backup to fail.

It sees that the file is missing because it seems that it is still trying to backup the same set of files from the original backup that was scheduled. Is there a way around this which will allow me to add and delete files from my backup location without it erroring during a schedule?


Can you please post the content of the log.
What error do you get?


I ran a clean backup from a schedule that I setup. Then I deleted one of the files from the directory which gets backed up and ran the scheduled task again. This time when it got to where the file used to be, it comes up with this:

06.01.2010 21:28:41 Error Occurred
06.01.2010 21:28:41 Backup process failed with code 67

If I click on the schedule tab, the last run status says “file not found”.


Please try to recreate the schedule.
This will fix the problem.
You can also update to the latest version and select only files & folders that exist.



I have updated to the latest version but I can’t find “only files & folders that exist”. Where is that located?


Error 67 appears when a file/folder selected for backup does not exist anymore.
Try recreating the scheduled backup, this will fix the problem.


This Error 67 comes from a file/folder not existing anymore. i can foresee this being an issue with .tmp/.bak files. I notice these are defualt populated into the exception list for backups but need to have exceptions enabled.

Mods…is this a safe assumption or are those types of files excluded from the Error?


I too have had this error 67 when running scheduled backups. The issue sounds the same as others; the file has been removed even though it was there just before the scheduled backup began. I’ve seen this behavior several times so I’ve been watching the backup process run (when I can). It appears the backup program is deleting the file then forgetting to recreate it. This type error occurs about once every 3 months.

Rescheduling the backup does make the problem go away. It’s not a major hassle just an interesting set of circumstances. I’m running Comodo Backup v 2.2.12700.12 on a home built (Tigerdirect) AMD x64, Win 7 Home Premium 4GB ram, all the latest; Vipre Antivirus/Antimalware, Spywareblaster, Firefox 3.6.3 all the latest patches for everything.




Do you mean the destination .cbu file?

The scenarios might be caused by some files that are missing.
If source of the backup is:
“C:\Folder1”, “C:\Folder2”, “C:\file1.txt”, “C:\file2.doc”
And after a period of time “C:\file1.txt” disappears then error 67 will occur.