Error Code on new CIS 4

Cant update the virus database, and won’t scan. Error code is 0x80004002. ALso when I run diagnostics it says it found no problems.

I had it happen after upgrading, so uninstalled with revo-uninstller, and re-installed…still the same issue.

What gives?

sOoOo…I’m thinking that no one knows how to fix this issue? Its only been a couple weeks and no one has replied so I guess I will be uninstalling and moving back to AVG free or something…

wish some one could tell me how to fix this…I’ll give this post a few more days and then its buh bye comodo…been great…

To languy99, are you saying download the repair tool from

no, I’m just saying that searching an error code on google can lead you to the solution, read some of those and see what the problem that is common between all of them is. That is usually the best way to determine a fix.