Error code -8073

Every time I try to hook up to the net I get an error code -8073. Every time is a little annoying, other than that the program works great! Can you offer any assistance?
Regards, Ted (:WAV)

hi Ted, welcome to forum :■■■■

i tink i haf no idea for ur problem. :THNK

btw, here is not da place for problem solving. u might wanna post ur qn on comodo firewall/help, there will b ppl helping u 4 sure.



Can you give some more information about your scenario? HOw are you trying to connect to the internet (what process or means - dialup, dsl, cable, etc)? What is generating this error message (browser, ISP, etc)?

Is it possible to capture a screenshot of the error message and post it for us (it may help)? In this thread, the current last post has instructions on screenshots, if you need any “how to” info…,6167.0.html

Then as needed we’ll start digging into logs and whatnot, to get to the root of the matter.


da msg is from CPF or from anything else?

moreover, wat browser u use? wat r ur security apps? can show us ur log file? how abt ur settings?

simply anything dat mite b relevant…

but i guess despite da msg, u stil can surf net rite?