Error code 64

I’m trying to restore a full backup and I keep getting error code 64. Google just takes me to a thread in your forum containing ALL the common error codes in one thread, without any links to solutions. I’m running Comodo Backup
This is how far I get:
21.08.2013 16:07:08 Opening Backup…
21.08.2013 16:07:08 Opening backup file \STORA\MyComputers\Edvin C backupförsök 5_full_files.cbu
21.08.2013 16:07:09 Initializing Restore Information…
21.08.2013 16:07:09 Restoring full backup
21.08.2013 16:07:09 Reading backup information…
21.08.2013 16:08:58 Restoring 327951 items with total size 395 GB…
21.08.2013 16:08:58 Checking if restore destination is in use
21.08.2013 16:09:08 Item C:\hiberfil.sys is used by other application. Cannot continue the restore process.
21.08.2013 16:09:09 Recovery failed with code 64 (Busy or in use).
The restore process has encountered an error

Then I get the option to “schedule a restore at the next boot”, and when I press yes it says:
21.08.2013 16:13:07 Backup \STORA\MyComputers\Edvin C backupförsök 5_full_files.cbu could not be scheduled for restore at next boot because file is not on the local computer!
The restore process has encountered an error

Please help me fix this. I badly need to restore.