Error Code 59

I persistently have backups aborting with the following message “Backup process failed with code 59”. Does anyone know what problem this code indicates and how to resolve it?




What type of backup are you using?
Please describe any non-default settings you might have used in each backup step.


It is a User Folder backup to a Western Digital MyBook USB drive. Compression level: Maximum. All other settings are the defaults. Operating system is Windows 7 64-bit and my user account has administrator privileges. All OS updates are applied. Comodo Backup version 3.0.171317.130

Let me know if you need any additional information.



I’ve got the same problem. I collected the debug info when I’ve caused the error. Attaching it here.

Too bad this data isn’t user-viewable or maybe I could figure out the cause myself and work around it for now.

[attachment deleted by admin]


We found a potential cause of the problem.
Could it be that a file was replaced by a directory with the same name?


Not sure… could you give me a hint about the file/directory you found had the problem?

Please post the log of the backup process.
The debug information doesn’t contain the name of the item.


The log doesn’t contain the name either. There’s no indication of which file it failed to read. Or at least the last one mentioned in the log prior to the error isn’t missing or isn’t something that’s changed from a file to a directory or vice-versa.

By the way, I started over from scratch again and had days without this error, but decided to cause it to happen, based on the info provided above. I renamed a file, then created a directory with the previous name the file had, and moved the renamed file into the directory.

When I ran the backup it failed with error 59 (but with no indication that that file/directory were involved) and after putting things back to the way they were again, the error still persists even though the file->directory change has been undone.

And the logs give the error when backing up a completely different tree.

Any data I should collect while I’m now in this state again?

Thank you for feedback. The issue with error code 59 will be fixed in next release.
Until then, to avoid this error, you can try to recreate the backup job (delete existing backup file(s) and create new full + incremental(s))


When’s that likely - or even a beta to test?

Just so I’ve got some idea how long I’ll have to deal with unscheduled re-initialization of backups when the bug hits me again.


It could be a few months at most until first BETA



I got error code 59. Based on the log information provided, the last 2 items in the backup log are the following:

  • Processing deleted item: C:\Docuemnts and Setting. …\Google\Picasa2\temp\LifescapeUpdater
  • Processing deleted item: C:\Docuemnts and Setting. …\Google\Picasa2\temp\LifescapeUpdater\currentVersion.ini

Now the backup is run at the night and should shut off the computer but this time it did not shut off. No other human activities were taken place and when I am looking at the result in the morning the folder \LifescapeUpdater has vanished!!! The folder \temp is empty.

Hoping that the above information will assist you in solving the problem.


will this release have new features? or is it just bug fixes stability etc

The answer is both, but improvements and bug fixes will have priority.


good to hear
good work comodo team