Error Code 53

So I have installed comodo backup, and it works flawlessly when I try to do a network backup… but if I try to do an FTP backup, it works fine for about 60 seconds, then errors out and says “Error code 53” I did a search, and there was only 1 other topic on error 53 and it wasn’t resolved. Everything works fine if the file I am backing up is small (takes less than about 60 seconds to compress and upload) but anything bigger and I get this error.

I am using Windows7 64 with the newest version of Comodo. I tried using a generic FTP program and I was able to upload files of any size to the FTP server without error. Anyone know what Error 53 is? or how I can fix it? Thanks.

wow do I feel like a fool… I had the FTP limits set wrong… had it set to allow 10MB of data per user instead of 10GB per user. So… for anyone else wondering, error code 53 apparently means data limit usage reached.

Error 53 usually means “connection error”, but in this case it ment the the data transfer limit has been reached.