Error Code 31

  1. Hello, first post so I will try to keep it brief. :a0
    I looked in all the rightly type places (manuals, debugs and web searched) but can find no clear reference to Error code 31.

OK, I think it might be related to either the Backup running and another process might have tried to copy the backup file before it was finished (Win8.1 xcopy from elevated admin), or something else to do with Win8.1 securities on Windows Store under Users App Data directory.

Installed newest CB_setup just Monday, New Dell, Win8.1 Pro, 1TB hard drive partitioned 700GB(C:) and 300GB (R: the repository for base copy/BU), backup is of folders on C: as service with no exclusions to multiple files (2GB). After backup xcopy script runs to copy said files to Mapped Drive on network. Total data to backup is approx 5.2GB at this point. R drive is practically empty and the network location has over 3TB available.

The failure occurred when trying to backup a file under C:\Users#NAME#\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Store\Cacheā€¦
22.04.2014 18:13:04 Error Occurred
22.04.2014 18:13:04 Backup failed with code 31 (Internal error).
No users present when failure occurred.

I appreciate any help or ideas, :wink: