Error; CMDAgent Incorrect version ?

After having problems with comodo firewall not running security modules, i decided to try the latest beta version. Now, once the programs starts, the dialog boxes pop up to tell me that the network/program monitors are not running, but a new one now… “CMDAgent is incorrect version.” Ive uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled rebooted different versions multiple times. Comodo Firewall will not launch the various modules no matter what i try. Im running a fairly vanilla install of windows, there is no disk management software running…



What version of Windows are you using?

What Firewall did you use before Comodo?

I use windows xpsp2, also all of the current ‘hot fixes’ latest java, .NET etc.
I used to use Kerio personal firewall, however it has not been installed since the last time i reinstalled windows. The latest stable version of Comodo Firewall used to work fine on this install of windows, it was only after upgrading to one of the new betas, that this problem came about.