ERROR !!! BoClean is going crazy today (can update all the day)

Hi all,
today i see that i can update BoClean all the day long. First he gave me the update from 02.04.08 than i try another update and he gave me the update from 03.04.08. Then i click on “Reload/test update” and click again “check for update” so he gave me 02.04.08 after this i click another time and i got the 03.04.08 then “Reload/test update” and all the game began from new :THNK

I think if i dont stop i can do it all the time long not really funny. (:NRD) (:AGY)


I can’t check it now, but pm-ed Kevin about it :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I just did a manual update and went from an update with today’s date to one with a date from two days ago and reload/test update does nothing…

I just had jmid’s experience. I went from a BoClean dated 4/4/08 to 4/3/08, after a manual update. It didn’t give me any error message - just said "Update is AVAILABLE - Preparing to collect it. I am the dreherd who wrote yesterday, saying it was fixed. Apparently not. Have a nice weekend.

Well, it appears I have the same kind of problem we are the 04-04-08 and my last update indicate 02-04-08 and If I manually “check for update”, I have a message that my database is up to date, no update available ??? What is the solution of this problem?


Same problem: update keeps changing between the ones of 2, 3 and 4 April.

Is anybody from Comodo actually keeping an eye on their own forum?

Is there actually a QA procedure at Comodo that is worth its name?

As a former BOClean paid customer, I was wondering the same thing :frowning:

Same here, update back-and-forth, back-and-forth. ???


We have fixed the problem. The updates should work fine now. Please let us know if anyone is facing any further problems.

Thanks and Regards,

I updated twice today. Latest shows 2008-04-05 16:26:52.

Everything seems fine for me now…thanks :slight_smile: