Error before instalation :\

I heard some good things about the comodo firewall and i downloaded it but… it doesn’t even start to install :o it gives me this in a separate window “error writting to the temporary location” and end of story snifff

can anyone help? ???

You can try the new BETA at,1047.msg6504.html#msg6504

i’ll try it… thanks


Wait a minute, I think that’s premature advice. For you, the current release could be fine and the beta could be unstable. Maybe your download didn’t complete or perhaps you have a Windows problem. I’ve had situations where the temp file folder was full of junk and you couldn’t do an install. Empty the folder where the temp file was written or is trying to extract and then try it again.

I suggest this:
I assume you’re using XP

  1. Close all programs
  2. Empty everything in C:\Windows\Temp
  3. Empty everything in C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Local Settings\Temp
  4. Try the download of the current release of CPF again, before you try the beta.