Error Backing Up Outlook Express

Whenever I try to backup my email accounts (OutLook Express) it aborts telling me there is no file content. " Backup process failed with Code 92". CBU is the latest version installed on WinXP sp3 and OutlookExpress is in its default location (c:\program files…etc.). Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. To what extent does it backup - folders, address book, multiple identities?

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Are you using version-2 of Comodo Backup or v-1?

Are your emails in the default location? On XP sp3 they should be in C:\documents and settings<user>\local settings\application data\identities<{a long numbered file}>\Microsoft\Outlook Express.


CBU version is 2.0.108800.9 and all the emails are located in the default location as pointed out.


For Outlook Express backup, the default set identity is backed up (inbox, outbox, address book ,etc.).
Could you please specify what email provider you use and how you configured it with outlook.
And also the version of your Outlook Express.

Thank You.

I am using OE version 6. I don’t know what you mean by how I configured it with Outlook since I use OE6 and not Outlook for my email. My email provider is Time Warner Cable since I am using Road Runner.

I just wanted to check out this error AND, CB caused an error… :'(. Picture attached, same infos in event logger.

Outlook Express was opened when this error occured. I did a re-test while the OE was closed: no problems.

This problem occurs every time, if i left OE opened, will crash at the “Folder.dbx” step.

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I meant OE when I said Outlook. I wanted to know if you configured the mail server as a POP3 server or something else in OE setup.

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No need for the info anymore; the problem was found to be somewhere else.
Thanks anyway.


Are you running Windows XP?

Thank You.

Yes. Hungarian XP SP3 + latest patches.

Got many POP3s and one inactive HTTP account (

I am running CB on WindowsXP sp3 (English) and OE6 is configured as POP3.


What kind of filesystem does your windows partition have(NTFS/FAT)? Please specify also the exact size(in bytes) of the folders.dbx file.

Thank You.

My Windows partition is NTFS and my Identities folder contains 4 identities totaling 281,856,757 bytes.

Hehe…, FAT would be awesome funny - unsecure and slower as well… -, naturally, it is NTFS.
Folder.dbx size is 72.9 KB (74 720 bytes /by windows explorer properties).