error after install

I installed this AV program several times and always get an error popup.

It won’t bring up the box that you enter the serial number in at startup. This only occurs in windows normal mode, I tried it in safe mode and it does OK, problem is I still can’t register cause my dialup program won’t connect in safe mode so I’m stuck again after restarting in normal mode.

The box says it cant open the license activation.

This is what I just sent to their tech:\

OK well I uninstalled again and re installed yet
again, This time I was connected to the web ( dialup)

But as soon as the program was installed the same
error box poped up. Funny cause I did all the other
items suggested. 1. reg the .dll’s, 2. install the MS
script 3. was connected when installing.

What I did find though was just out of curiosity I
started in SAFE mode, and the box to incert the key
was able to get to. I was even able to open the main
AV screen. I typed in the reg number, but it said to
be connected, and Juno doesn’t connect in SAFE mode.

So it must be something within regular windows.


I just uninstalled the thing altogether now until I can get some sort of answer. To bad cause I like the GUI, and since I also installed the comodo firewall I wanted to keep them together. I had used ZoneAlarm Suite, but wanted to try out this new product.

I think I may just have to wait till a new beta comes out or wait for the final to see if its just a bug in 1.1 beta.

any ifo can be sent to my email addy

What version did you try to install? Did you get the latest beta from the forums, or did you get the older beta version from the Comodo antivirus site?

It was the one from the site? why? If there are newer ones than they should also be listed/updated on the download page on the main site.

Anyway I guess it was 1.1

I just read through some other posts, and it seems the latest 2. something is also having this problem.

So what’s the latest version anyway? and where is it for download?

Also if I get another version, will the same activation code work I have now?

Good day!
You can set “Allow All” / uninstall CPF and try again. Let us know if it works fine.

The new CAVS Beta is released under Beta corner for beta tester on forum. The link of download is


Latest CAV beta does the exact same thing still some times but I have yet to get the app to open so I can scan or launch the “quantine” clicking on “show comodo AV” does nothing as well as “quarantine”. Occationally the activation launches and I can enter the code but have yet to do a scan on my system drive because it will not launch.

Your right, the latest beta still will NOT let it open the activation process it still gives me the same error as before. Also when you click the try icon to open the antivirus, it does nothing, I can not open the main program to make some changes. Soooo I guess its back to uninstall for the time being.

Problem I have is that I use dialup and it takes a long time to download these things just to re try.

Don’t get me wrong guy6s, you have a good program going, and I know hoe things go with code, but I can not keep doing the same thing over and over.

Maybe if you do the same with the AntiVirus activation that you did with the Firewall, where you only need to type in your email at the install process it would work. The fire wall installed fine and is working well. Only thing again I don’t like is that the auto updates are disabled because its a “beta” so there again I would have to re download the entire new program update. I would rather do this on a “final”

Anyway keep up the good work, and I’m sure it will all come together in time.

Hoody (:KWL)

well I made it back, I had a time trying to reinstall my ZA suite after un installing the beta software, seems the truvector wouldn’t close, but I thought it was un installed when I did that before installing the comodo beta’s.

Anyway I always think ahead and did a full image backup so I had to recover that to get it all working again.

At this point I’m leaving ALL this stuff alone for now, I will wait this time for sure for the “final” of both these programs before doing this again.

Hope you guys find the time to get it all together…



have the same trouble with the av as hoody any new developmets for this programme firewall is ok


You are probably being blocked/interfered with by some other security software.

Prior to installing CAVS, be sure that you have uninstalled any previous AV program, and that there are no drivers, startup entries, etc for that previous AV program.

Turn off/disable other security software (firewall, spyware scanners, HIPS, etc).

Then install CAVS.

You will need to be connected to the internet in order to complete the activation. As soon as you’re activated, turn your other security software back on.

Hope that helps,


Yeap I’m having the same problem and I’m not running anything else but Comodo Firewall.


Will the activation go thru if you set CFP to Allow All?

Another possibility is (in CFP) go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, Uncheck the box “Do not show alerts for Applications certified by Comodo”, move the Alert Frequency to High or Very High, click OK, and reboot.

On login, you’ll get a lot of popups, IP/Port specific, for applications you may not have seen before. If you get ones for svchost.exe you’ll need to allow them as that is used by Windows to update DNS, DHCP, etc; without which you won’t be able to connect to the internet.

My thought on this is that if something is “slipping through the cracks” that you’re not seeing, and the Activation is getting blocked, this should show it when you run CAVS.


PS: Providing that you had other security software previously installed, are you sure there are no remnants (drivers, services, etc) that are still active? These things are often problematic, and not removed when you uninstall.