Error about Backup Size ("Not enough size on source")

Facts: COMODO Backup, ver 4.3.1 on Windows XP. Di Incremental Backup to an External Hard disk with total size of 465 GB and 413 GB free space.

I get message “Not enough diskspace on backup destination” dispate the numbers above. It seems like it´s some set limit around 4 193 000 kB data.

How can I get around this?


When the error happens again, please collect the debug logs, then post the resulting cbu file.


OK, I do it next week!

Same problem today:

I did two backups:

  1. Of my documents - no problems
    “Hans documents” - size on backuo destination 3494324 kB

  2. Of my pictures - stopped
    Error message “Not enough space on backup destination”
    File size en backup destination: 4 192 256 kB.
    Run Org… .bat. Result attached

[attachment deleted by admin]

From “CB diagnostics report.txt” I can see that there were some installation problems. You can try to reinstall.

Regarding the “Not enough space message” we need the resulting .cbu file to determine the cause. Please run dbginfo.bat from installation folder and post the resulting cbu file.


Ok I reinstall!