Error 90500 and incorrect username and password

Hi i have the following issues, using comodo backup with the 5gb free storage i can login using firefox 8.0 but the comodo drive program refuses - incorrect password or username, and the comodo backup software says an error occured while the silly cloud icon on the taskbar says there is an error 90500.

Question 1. Can i uninstall the cloud from comodo backup ( i only use local storage anyway)?

Also as a note recently i have noticed that comodo has released alot of new software that is bigger and more “functional” but from my experience its all buggy apart from CIS. Comodo time machine ment i had to reinstall my boot sector, backup has anoying pop ups for registering for cloud services that you can’t login into, and comodo dragon keeps crashing (plus 30 times connected to googlepacks search). When i first used comodo firewall it was lightweight and fast and simple!


There were a few reports from some users using passwords longer than 19 characters.
This issue will be fixed with next release.
Until then you can try to reset your password here.

Yes, you can. The program is named “Comodo Online Storage” in programs list.