With so many subforums I chose this so I hope it’s okay.

I am trying to download the Free Antivirus but it gives me the following message:

Error:80. Programs Exists

This is a brand new laptop and this program hasn’t been downloaded not has a running antivirus.

Any suggestions?

I’m using Firefox if that matters.

From what page are you trying to download the Comodo AV? Can you provide us with the url?

Does the same thing happen with another browser?

I’m sorry I used the wrong words.

I was able to download it from this URL:

but as I try to install it that’s when it gives me that error, I have tried several times and still nothing.

That is odd. I assume this laptop uses Windows 7. Usually we advice to run this clean up tool. Please run it just in case.

Did you run the installer with administrator privileges?