Error 721

Hi folks , just joined the Comodo site two days ago and it looks really helpful . My problem as the title suggests is I keep getting Error msg 721 , any help to solve this would be very welcome… thanks in advance … henry b

What else does the error say? When does it occur? On what OS are you and what other security programs are running on your system?

I will have a look next time it happens , Eric. At the moment I,m with Tiscali but changing to BT at the end of the month.I use Mozila/Firefox and have Avast and Spyware terminator installed. Usually it takes three or four attempts before I can get connected to the internet…also XP pro and service pack 3 …thanks henry.

Try disabling Spyware Terminator to see if that plays a role.

Is the AV eanbled in CIS? Try disabling the Real Time scanner it to see if it may be interferes with Avast.

Eric. since getting the Comodo internet download tool the 721 error seems to have disappeared ,and connecting to the internet seems to be much quicker. I will keep an eye on the Spyware terminator for problems … Also , what other downloads would you suggest, I,m all for an easy life …thanks for your advice ,regards …henry. :BNC