error 701: unable to contact the server.please try again later [Resolved]

hi (:WAV)
got this error when updating CAVS today (it’s october 2 here). just wanna make sure if the problem is with my connection or with CAVS server.
i’ve updated CBOclean, downloaded a file from the internet,and email at the same time with no prob.


edit : after trying to update several times, finally the updater says
“all components on your computer are currently uptodate…”, so i guess my CAVS is OK now.(i’ve tried to delete this post and get an error page).

hey is there any way to know that CAVS database is REALLY up to date? coz sometimes i have a bad connection & the update proccess was cut off, but when i try re-updating it, it says that my CAVS was up to date already.

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sorry, just curious, i think there’s something wrong with this forum page, i click “show new replies to your post” and this post listed there too. but no reply.

The blips in the forum have been noticed and reported. If you ever want to report these issues, you may do so here:

As for CAVS being up to date, the main/summary page has an entry showing when the last update occurred. Typically, there’s one per day, from what I’ve seen.


(:TNG) sorry LM.
bout the update, the summary page shows the last “update act” not the database, even if no update available, the date will show the latest time i update it. so even if i only successfully download half the update, it still shows the latest date.

If you think that an update has been incomplete, run the updater. If you are missing any definitions, the updater should note that you’re not up to date, and retrieve those files for you. (I presume it’s malware definitions you’re referring to)


ok, nice knowing that. and one more question, in last 2 days, no update for CAVS available (and BOClean too, last update 2007-10-02), is it normal? anyone using CAVS&CBOClean notice this?

Uh, no! I have had updates on both products every day this week, and both have, in fact, updated this morning (Thursday 10/4/07).

Check your IE settings, see if it’s set to “work offline.” They won’t be able to connect if it is, since they utilize those connection settings.


ooops Sorry LM, i’m Ok now
today the update seems fine. maybe it’s just “timezone” prob. it’s Friday Okt/5 here (but like you said==> you update this morning 10/04/07).
my CAVS main window show last sig update = okt/5, but there’s no update available today.perhaps i can try daily updating based on comodo forum date on “user info” box.

thx LM. you can close this topic then.
:Beer for you.


No problem. If you need it reopened, just PM a Mod (please include a link back here).