error 67 in comodo backup


I have an error code 67 durin my backup

Pc is running windows 7 32 bits.

Comodo 2.12.127000.12

backupto NAS SMC network device

my other pc is the same and it’s work


note : incrematal backup when ?

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Error 67 means that a file was not found.
This can mean that the file was inaccessible or was deleted during the backup .
We have a new BETA version that has incremental backup:
Although it might contain some bugs, the issue with error code 67 was fixed.


I have the same problem with the incremetal backup.
What can I do?
I tried to change the names of the files, to cut in another place and recopy in this folder, remove “Only read” from the property of the files, but nothing…

I want to buy it, but if has this problems I cannot use it.

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