error 65 on the PING command (100% fail) [Resolved]

Hi all,
I just installed CFP on two computers networked together.
Both computers can see each other on the trusted zone, and both can
reach the web with IE (router/cable modem). The computer with XP
HOME (SP2)lost its ability to PING (Transmit failed, error 65 on
the PING command 100% fail). My ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)
is OFF now and during the install of CFP on the XP home machine.
Any ideas on how to get my ping command to work again?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome, static discharge.

CFP has a default network rule that blocks ping (the last rule). More specifically, a new rule must be added to allow ICMP Echo (Request or Reply). Then move that rule above the last block all rule.

I set the following: Action:Allow // Protocol:ICMP //Direction:In-Out
//Source IP=Any // Destination IP=Any //ICMP Details Message: Icmp Echo
Request on ID#7 above ID#8 (default network rule that blocks ping).
No luck! Also even with the CFP turned off the ping command codes 65,
this was irreversible even with an uninstall of CFP. I also am losing
my ability to hook to the web now, after a short time, only corrected by
a reboot.This also is issue with the trusted zone.(reinstall of CFP)

Sorry that it didn’t work for you. I assume you didn’t have other network rules blocking the newly added rule - they are prioritized from top to bottom. What’s peculiar is that it didn’t work even with CFP uninstalled. :THNK.

I did a little googling and find out that Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and ZoneAlarm can cause error 65. Did you ever have ZoneAlarm installed in the past? I wonder if there are remnants remaining.


ICS is also the Windows Firewall. It’s usually not a good idea to run 2 firewalls together as they can conflict.

It now works!!!, Needed to uninstall Zone Alarm Free, even though
it was not running resident.

Thanks a bunch!

Glad it worked. ;D It’s a big no no to have multiple firewalls installed. Even if the other is disabled or turned off, there could be conflicting drivers/registries/files.

I’ll go ahead and mark this resolved.