Error 5 on CFP Vista Install

I’ve been using CFP for a while, with no problems.

Recently I’ve been getting redundant update requests, so I thought I would uninstall the current and download/install the current CFP version (3.024.368).

Now when I try to install CFP, it gives an error message of “error 5: Access is denied. Rolling back installation.”

I removed all remnants of CFP, including obvious registry entries.

Any solutions?

Did you do this. Also try deleting your download and trying it again. Download only from this site.

Resolved the problem.
In the course of TS, I uninstalled AVG free 8.0. It appears to have been the issue.
Although I had attempted to install CFP with only MS processes running, it continued to give the error message.
Only when I uninstalled AVG did CFP install correctly.

Use Avast its better then AVG.