Error 33 (backup partition)


When i create new backup (one partition) and run it manualy everything work fine. When this same backup is run from schedule i have error 33:

log from this job:

01.11.2011 22:05:09 Error Occurred. Could not check source partitions.
01.11.2011 22:05:09 Backup failed with code 33 (Invalid request).

This same job work OK when i run this manualy

Any ideas ?

Please compress and post the logs in %TEMP%\ComodoLogsFolder , after you reproduce the error.


OK Compressed logs adds

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The logs have information starting with 03.Nov.2011 07:46:58 and ending with 06.Nov.2011 13:31:48 local time.
Are you sure you reproduced this error in this time interval?


Ok i uninstall CB, cleaning registry and some temp files, again install and i have this same error. I adds logs.

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