Error 2: Specified file not found


I am a user of Comodo V2 and switch to V3. Fisrt, I uninstall the older version and reinstall the new one, but during the installation progress i have this error. “Error 2: the system can not find specified file”, then the installation rollback. I tried to reboot and install again but i still got the same error. Anybody can help me what file the comodo is looking??? or anybody have a solution for this. Im using Windows XP SP2 home ed.


Be sure Comodo 2.4 is completely gone. Delete your download of Comodo 3.0 and clear out any temp files using CCleaner. Reboot download a fresh copy of CComodo 3.9 from this site.

Hi Vettetech

Thanks for the reply, yes after i uninstall the Comodo V2, i run CCleaner.

maybe i try to redownload again…


Thats not what I said. Did you read the link I sent you and download the zip file?

Have a look here Make sure you re-boot after doing any cleaning.