error 1719 The windows installer service could not be accessed

Trying tgo install a program in the sandbox right click run in comodo sandbox. Get error 1719 The windows installer service could not be accessed. Is there any way around this? Could the he windows installer service be copied to the sandbox?

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Hi david banner,
Try installing the program from ‘Virtual Desktop’.
Starting the Virtual Desktop-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Same result

Hi david banner,
Sorry I am not sure how to get around this issue.

Do you mind posting the program with the issue?
I understand if you have personal reasons not to. :wink:


Final Draft screenwriting program. Trialling it and want to just install to sandbox in case i do not keep

Thanks david banner,
Other than resetting the sandbox and trying again, I don’t know what to suggest as I can’t reproduce the error.
Note: All data stored within the sandbox only will be deleted.
Reset the Sandbox-Comodo Help

No promises, but I will ask the other Mods to take a look at this topic.

Kind regards.