Error: -1610 Firewall & Antivirus.

Hi everyone, I downloaded & installed Comodo Firewall and Antivirus sometime ago.
However, after I installed the Firewall everything worked well, but after I installed the Antivirus my computer basicly didn’t work properly.
I couldn’t uninstall it, so I decided to delete the Comodo path, which didn’t work, so I deleted all comodo entries in the Regedit.
Now I’ve got another problem… Windows Installer pops up, everytime I boot my PC, just before I need to choose the windows account. Windows installer also pops up when opening Internet Explorer (Which i need for windows update).
I’ve tried to go in Safe Mode and open IE, which wasn’t succesfull, but then I tried to go into Add & remove windows components. I removed IE, then Added it again, and it worked. When I restarted the PC it started again with the windows installer. :frowning:
After getting desperate I decided to redownload Comodo Firewall & Antivirus. The firewall allowed me to uninstall it, but doesn’t allow me to install it (same goes for antivirus). They both show the following message “Error: -1610 Configuration data for this product has been destroyed. Contact your support”
I’m on a Windows XP (Media Center) SP2.
I never experienced these kind of problems before.

I hope my post isn’t too complicated, and that you can help me ofcourse :slight_smile: Sorry for the bad english!

Try clearing out temporary files and cleaning the registry with CCleaner (A Free Utility found at:

It’s great for getting rid of temp files / histories etc and the registry cleaner part of it gets rid of all those no longer valid or uninstalled software registry entries.


Hi Eric, thanks for the answer, unfortunately CCLeaner is a tool I use a lot. It hasn’t fixed or changed anything =(