error 1603 when trying C8 in W 8.1 x64

I tried all the clean methods, none works, I think it is something to do with the permissions, any I ran the MSI alone and I got this message

I hope someone can help

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Same here but im using Win 7 SP1 x64.

with full installer → error 1603
with msi installer → cmdstat.dll failed to register (ignore->restart->diagnostic says “OK”)

CIS seems to be working except “Active Processes List” and “View Connections” windows are empty.

yes, you had the same, did you change any windows system folders permissions?

the problem only in registering cmdstat.dll

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No, i didn’t change any permissions, at least not intentionally.

disparate trying almost everything, formatted my disk installed a new windows to make it work :frowning:

Hi paradis_pal,

Did you check this one?

oh thanks for the tips, I will keep it in mind, unfortunately I have already formatted and installed a new windows, I hope that offchu will test it :slight_smile:

This fix doesn’t help - I’ve tried it. More info in my post, I am expecting the same problem.

today uninstalled comodo, tried to install the new version, the same thing happened, I am sure I didn’t play with anything this time, anyway I formatted my hard installed windows again, it will be easier to check for a solution

but I think you need a clean uninstallation utility

Please check this one - maybe it will help.
If so - please let us know.

I tried now in the new update, and I had the same error, I change the language for none Unicode program to english and it worked