Error 1603 - Cannot finish installation

Currently I’m running NO internet security suite because of this…

I am trying to install the free version of COMODO Internet Security, with Firewall and Antivirus. I’ve been running COMODO Firewall for probably two years or less now. I tried installing it while leaving my current suite, AVG Free 9.0, installed. When it failed I uninstalled AVG and tried installation again. It still won’t work. The error message says “Cannot install COMODO Internet Security Error: 1603. Fatal Error during installation. Would you like to try again?” Clicking “Yes” does no good, the same thing happens.

Any ideas? I really don’t want to go without an antivirus program for any length of time at all. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum Fergus_One.

Please see this main thread regarding 1603. We all are victims of this 1603 in one way or the other.