Error 119

I cannot update comodo firewall because “error 119” is displayed. I had this trouble before which involved me in uninstalling and reintall comodo to work round this problem. I notice that comodo uses internet explorer to update, but the problem is that my IE does not work properly so I always use Firefox browser.
Is it possible to alter settings on comodo to update via Firefox as I am certain the problem lies with internet explorer.

Do you mean you download the installer of CIS from the web? The only reference I found to error 119 is that the downloaded file is not signed by Comodo:;msg134628#msg134628 .

When does the error occur? When you run the installer or when using the program updater of CIS?

Yes, the message that the downloaded file is not supported by Comodo appears. This has happened when Comodo informed me that updates were available and I tried to download the updates via the program updater but was unable to because of this error 119.

Try downloading the installer of 3.9:

Now uninstall 3.8 and install 3.9. Does that help? It is recommended not to import configuration of 3.8 as some changes to default policies were made.

Thanks for your advice, however I have not downloaded the latest version yet because when it comes to updating again it will update via internet explorer and as IE has a fault ( I now use Firefox) it will not access secure pages and consequently say that comodo updates have not been signed.
The alternative is to unintall and reintall as you have suggested but i wonder if it is possible to alter the comodo settings to allow it to update via Mozilla Firefox. If this is not possible then I will have to reinstall.
A further question is it essential to update to the latest version regarding my internet security?

What exactly do you mean with “I notice that comodo uses internet explorer to update”? Can you explain that a bit further? Do you mean Comodo uses the Internet Explorer engine when running the updater? How did you find that out? As far as I know you cannot change updater engine. I never heard of it.

What fault in IE are you referring to (can you post a screenshot)? What version of IE are you using? It sounds like your IE may be broken. What version of Windows (incl Service Pack) are you using?

As far as I remember it was said in the past that it used the settings of IE which if you had offline the updater would not work, I do not know if this is still applicable.

I see what you mean: the settings for LAN and proxy (whether it is there or not).

I am assuming that comodo uses IE to update but my IE does not work as I am unable to access secure online payment pages. A message " The page cannot be displayed. the page you are looking for is currently unavailable. etc" is displayed each time and that is why I use firefox without any problem to accesss secure pages. I have been on several forums to try and resolve it with no joy so I gave up and used Firfox.
I am assuming that because of this IE problem the Comodo update is not accepted.
I am using IE6 and XP service pack 2

I have just realised that when you click on update on Miscellaneous a box tells me that updates will use internet explorer settings to deliver updates.

Try to update to Service Pack 3 and install Internet Explorer 8.

Updating to IE 8 and service pack 3 is not a good option fior me as my computer was hand built with a “pirate” copy of windows XP. I tried to update windows media player once but it refused to work as it my XP was not a geniune copy so I had to do a system restore, so any updates on IE or service packs will simply freeze everything up.
Many thanks for your advice so far, I think apart from altering update download settings to Firefox, (not possible)? my best option is to uninstall and reintall each time there are updates.