Error 113

I am trying to update and keep getting as far as 4% before I receive an error 113 which seems to point at the Internet Explorer settings being the problem from what I have read. Does anybody know what needs to be done to rectify this please? Thanks.

Are you going from to 3.8.x.471 ?

I would advise a “clean” install because of some changes… or maybe wait for the next release that is supposed to be launched this week… You can try to Export your settings and Import them AS a “COMODO - 3.0.25 profile” or something, to see how that behaves…

Hi, I’m using AVG Anti Virus and Comodo tries to update my firewall and AVG says, " Virus found Win32/PEPatch" and discontinues the Comodo download, can you help me please?
My firewall version is 3.8.64739.471

Have you tried disabling your AV’s active scanners first. Sometimes they will conflict during the install.

Yes John I did as you advised and everything seems perfect now, many thanks totallyskint, Roy

Don’t forget to put the AV back on (:WIN)

Many thanks Ronny, AV back on :slight_smile: